Taste of Asia

For the foodie with an adventurous palette! This collection is made up of Thai Ginger Sea Salt, Teriyaki Ginger Rub, Thai Spice, and Togarashi.

Thai Ginger Sea Salt is perfect in stir fry dishes, grilled veggies, Asian noodles, or fish. Teriyaki Ginger Rub is a flavorful Asian dry rub that is also used on fish, red meat and chicken. Thai Spice is a wonderful blend that can be used for a range of Thai & Szechuan dishes. Togarashi is a traditional Japanese 7 spice mixture, also called Shichimi or Nanami Togarashi. Delicious on seafood, edamame, & noodles.

Thai Ginger Sea Salt, Thai Spice, Togarashi, Teriyaki Ginger and a long stainless steel spoon.