Seafood Lover

Our Seafood Lover's Box includes our Balsamic Fish Rub, Harbor Fish Rub, Sweet Hickory Rub, Tuna Rub, Lemon Pepper, and Cajun Blend; six wonderful blends that will make any fish lovers taste buds flourish with great flavors.

Our Balsamic Fish Rub can be used as a dry rub or mixed with oil for mahi-mahi, swordfish, salmon or any firm white fish, baked or grilled. Harbor Fish Rub is perfect for broiling or grilling when applied lightly with oil to the flesh, or can be sprinkled directly on the fish. Sweet Hickory adds a sweet nutty flavor, perfect for Salmon. Our Tuna Rub makes an excellent crust for grilled or seared tuna. Lemon Pepper adds a classic enhancement to chicken, Swordfish and firm white fish. Cajun Blend adds zip to any Louisiana style dish, and it can be sprinkled over boiled shrimp.

Balsamic Fish, Harbor Fish Rub, Sweet Hickory, Spicy Tuna, Lemon Pepper, Cajun and a long stainless steel spoon.