Grill & Broil

This is one of our most popular gift boxes. The Grill and Broil contains bottles of Butcher's Rub, Rancho California Steak Rub, Cajun Blend, Harbor Fish Blend, Raspberry Chipotle and Coffee BBQ.

Butchers Rub is a dry rub adding flavor to steaks, prime rib, roasts, hamburgers, and other meats. It's ideal for grilling or oven cooking. Rancho California Steak Rub is one of our top sellers, and can also be used as a dry rub for grilling or broiling steaks, burgers and other meats. Cajun Blend is our version of this classic blend for Louisiana dishes and can be used to sprinkle over boiled shrimp. Harbor Fish Rub is perfect for broiling or grilling all types of fish. It's best used with a little olive oil brushed on prior to cooking. Raspberry Chipotle is a mildly sweet, yet spicy meat rub that is great on chicken, fish, red meat and pork. It can be used dry, or it can be mixed with oil and used as a marinade. Coffee BBQ is another of our top sellers. You can enjoy this dry rub with its rich flavor on fish, chicken, pork or beef.

Butcher's Rub, Rancho California Steak Rub, Cajun, Harbor Fish Rub, Coffee BBQ, Raspberry Chipotle and a long stainless steel spoon.