Cinnamon Cane Sugar

Bring back warm memories of childhood with this classic cinnamon & sugar flavor combination. Made with real Korintje Cinnamon, this gourmet cinnamon sugar adds a spicy sweet dimension to any meal.

  • Sweet: Sprinkle on apple pie crust before baking, or on coffee cake before serving.
  • Fresh: Dust Cinnamon Cane Sugar over apple slices for a delicious snack.
  • Savory: Use Cinnamon Cane Sugar to top spiced Basmati rice or Tandoori chicken.
  • Liquid: Stir a little Cinnamon Cane Sugar into your mocha latte for a tasty twist.
  • Twist: Spread Cinnamon Cane Sugar over buttered bread and toast in the oven.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, Korintje cinnamon.